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Dec 13-14, 2019 time lapses

A storm moved in, but I still caught some stars and Venus at sunset.
The clouds mostly obscured the Geminid meteors, but still made for an interesting show under the nearly full moon. This is another very long video, 4+ minutes. Counting images from the sunset time lapse I posted earlier, I acquired a total of 10,101 images between Dec 13, 2019 3:42pm MST – Dec 14, 2019 7:05am MST (15+ hours) and completely filled a 128GB memory card. This video contains 7,979 of those images, acquired over 11.5 hours.

Dec 11-12, 2019 time lapses

Time lapse of the full moon setting over Tres Piedras, New Mexico, USA
First, the moon rises. Then rainbow colors refracted by frost on the lens (saving battery by not using lens warmer). Then a couple meteors. Then Starlink satellites before dawn. Then the glorious dawn.

Nov 24-25, 2019 time lapses

I had to setup the tracking mount well before Polaris was visible and my guess at alignment was close enough to keep the planets in the frame for about 80 minutes.
I caught the Starlink satellites at dawn. Clouds obscured them a little, but when the sky turns red look at the lower right of center around the 32 second mark.
Since I was already polar aligned for the tracking mount…