Mar 152013

I make time lapses of the night sky when it is clear enough in the hopes of catching meteors.

Meteor No. 1

I record lots of little meteors like this in almost every time lapse I make. I don't usually publish most of them but decided to pull out three from this shoot.

Meteor No. 2

Plane in the center, meteor on the right.

Meteor No. 3

By this time of the morning there are more satellites visible as brief streaks and I am less confident of this one.

Here’s the morning time lapse showing the Milky Way Rising. I titled it One Giant Colony:

We’re busy little bees in a remote hive of the Mother Colony.

We had amazing clouds today and I couldn’t stop photographing every time I walked outside. I probably published too many.

The Phoenix

Curves and Lines

What a Sky! No. 2

Tree and Clouds and Contrail


Apocalypse No. 2

Fiery Jet of Water

UFO Exhaust

Alien Invasion No. 1

AKA Unicorn Poop

Then, sunset….

Lenticular Panorama

What a Sunset! No. 1

What a Sunset! No. 5

This is Not a Comet

I didn't capture Pan-STARRS tonight owing to clouds lower on the horizon.

In addition to the early morning time lapse above, I published two other short (and silent) excerpts.

Just Three Seconds – There were dust storms threatening and I had to go to the brewery before dark. I wanted to run this longer.

Eleven Seconds – 6:53pm – 7:40pm

I took 2,656 photos using 8.28GB of disk space on March 15, 2013. Here are all photos I uploaded to flickr for this date.

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