Mar 122013

This was a whopper of a day! Often my high photo counts are purely the result of using an intervalometer to take photos when I’m not attending the camera. Sometimes half of my daily output has been created before I even wake up, or is made after I go to bed.

Today more than 50% of all the photos I produced were taken manually. Before I woke up my time lapse had accumulated 731 photos. I went on to take another 979 by hand. Most of those were from a hike with my neighbor Ralf and his friend Gary who brought their metal detectors to do some treasure hunting at a popular waterfall. We didn’t make it to the falls today, but the beautiful country we explored was a good enough treasure for me. I also shot a lot of video on our journey today and will publish an excerpt soon.

A number of these shots have been edited. I would have this blog published sooner but got caught up in learning some new tricks. I don’t like all of them. There’s just too much noise in this first photo below, and I need to reduce it before playing with colors.

I also have to resolve some aesthetic dilemmas of my own, as regards excess editing to bring out a certain look that the sky doesn’t have at night. No matter what I do, what comes out of the camera will be manipulated by the time we see it, even if I don’t do so after the fact. The camera can’t adequately recreate what the human eye sees. Should I try to edit more to make the photos more lifelike? I pay attention to white balance in the field, striving to adequately capture the colors my eye sees. But my eye is not your eye.

1.5 chroma layers

My reckless beautification of the universe experiments continue.

I'm Not Done with This



Some more tonemapping tests

In the Creek

Maya Bounds No. 1

Beautiful Rock No. 1

Beautiful Rock No. 2

Rock Butt Crack

Color punched.


Embudo Creek No. 1

Looking Up

Canyon Shadows No. 2

I Tweaked It

Down that Road

The Crossing

Sunset No. 1

Comet, Moon, Contrail

Comet Cropped

I haven’t yet published any time lapse videos today. I may create a video synopsis tomorrow summing up the adventures we had and showing more of the beauty I saw. I do have one GIF animation of the comet, moon and contrail scene here on Weather Underground.

I took 1,706 photos using 7.53GB of disk space on March 12, 2013. Here are all photos I uploaded to flickr for this date.

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