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GMO labeling redux

Citizens in Colorado and Oregon will soon vote on bills that mandate labeling of GMO foods. These new regulations have numerous legal and philosophical problems and I couldn’t support them. For the benefit of my friends in those states I’ve put this article together to explain the situation as I understand it today. My current home state, Maine, has a mandatory label law passed by the legislature last year, but it will not go into effect until five other surrounding states adopt similar laws.

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Monoculture Revisited

Part 1: The Objections

From an ecological perspective monocultures are an abomination. They simply can’t last because the whole of the biosphere is pounding at the door eternally. It’s not just that they’re conceptually flawed and the objections raised are ideological. They flaunt all common sense and invite disaster. Monoculture isn’t just putting all your eggs in one basket, it’s putting all your eggs in a basket on the hood of your car and driving at top speed into a crowd of people.

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My Beef with the Center for Food Safety

On April 2, 2014 the Policy Director for the Center for Food Safety, Elizabeth Kucinich, published an article on Huffington Post titled Monsanto: The Enemy Of Family Farmers. In the very first paragraph of the article she writes:

After years of work by scientific public interest organizations such as Center for Food Safety and governmental bodies such as the United Nations, consumers around the world are becoming aware of the dangers of industrial, chemical-based agriculture. The most legitimate science and research bodies recommend turning toward organic and sustainable agriculture, shunning genetically engineered (GE or GMO) products and the chemicals they are designed to promote. Yet despite the U.N.’s assessment that sustainable agriculture is the way to feed the world’s growing population, U.S. government agencies continue to support the biotechnology industry and its pesticide-promoting crops as the path forward. But the message is failing — even with the backing of the U.S. government and a barrage of advertising from companies like Monsanto.

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