Like a Shark


I follow the scent gradients of synchronicity through the currents of time. This record starts where I am, relatively speaking. Memory is a pre-requisite and always connects where I am now to where I was then in some significant way. By themselves the events are all meaningless.


There are nines in profusion. I like a beer called Magic Hat #9 and recently got one with a bottle cap fortune that reads: "Nine is Divine". I laughed when it happened because I was starting to awaken to it as a synchronicity.


In late 2009 I saw the movie Nine at a special preview event in Denver with an ex. I mentioned that movie very recently to a new lover, and it re-occurred to me again a day later. So I created a mind map to document all of my past significant romantic relationships and found a total of nine.


Last night after taking this Enneagram test, it was revealed that I am actually a type nine (the peacemaker), and had mis-typed myself as a four years ago. I was inspired to take that test after starting to read this series about the Enneagram, MBTI and mandalas, which I later noticed was last updated 9/9/99 (intentionally I'd imagine).


From the same site I also noticed this interview with Brian Greene from 1999, on the same day (last Tues) when I listened to him interviewed by Terry Gross. Greene's work has been somewhat important in the development of my parasitic cosmology. The site first came up to me in my searches for meaning about enantiodromia which I've written about elsewhere and which is bound up in my experiences of synchronicity. There's really a dense and fascinating knot of intricate relationships between everything that is becoming more visible to me.


I can't help wanting to know the "meaning" of such synchronicity. I also recognize that there is no more meaning than what a shark makes of the smell of blood.


Last night I recognized something else after taking this Enneagram test. Not only are nines characterized by being 'agreeable', but I was also born in the Chinese year of the monkey which they say makes me "too agreeable". This all follows on my work in the Landmark Forum this past weekend when I recognized after reflection that my first strong suit is agreeability. The latest incarnation of my life purpose below is in complete alignment with my newly realized Enneagram type of "peacemaker", as well as my sun sign in traditional astrology (Libra, the scales that balance). Note that I don't really believe in any type of astrology which makes it all the more curious to me how I actually am.


My life purpose is to create harmony by bringing opposites into concordance; by turning weaknesses into strengths; by mediating to reconcile believers through shared higher purposes; and by showing how the tension of opposition is a force that can be used for creation.


Love is the suffering I choose among all the other types of suffering.


There has also been synchronicity around the movie Clockwork Orange lately, including references to Devotchka, to Ludwig (and by proxy, Beethoven's ninth), to Home and others. I've recently had some conversations and thoughts about the nature of free will that have recalled that theme from Clockwork Orange. I've also had email conversations about oranges, and eaten more of a fresh orange in one sitting than ever before.


The Liar's Paradox came up in the Landmark Forum this weekend. How close in time does something need to be to count as synchronicity? I wrote Another Liar's Paradox on 12/12/2010. I count 42 days elapsed between that and the reference at Landmark. 42 happens to be my current age. I started my solstice eclipse account with the fact of 42 too and will mention the solstice one more time in a separate context here before this closes. It means nothing by itself, and also probably points to something. But what?


I have a working theory, and it involves my parasitic cosmology and Brian Greene's parallel universes. Effectively we have an infinite number of possibilities branching out into alternate realities in some models. So I see synchronicity as providing a kind of scent gradient that can lead me to the future that I want with the greatest self-realization among all the possibilities. That also means in many of the other realities I don't find that future because I don't follow synchronicity where it leads me. I can still falter here too.


So when nine shows up again, I'll pay attention and follow it in whatever way is obvious. It's more of an intuitive process than cognitive one. The mind recognizes and the being follows. I just read the wikipedia page for the number 9 and there are some interesting things to it that I knew and others I didn't. One that I didn't was about the Feynman point which is the occurrence of six nines in pi. I should note I've watched and listened to Feynman a lot over the last few months. Plotinus' Enneads were six groups of nine essays and that form inspired the six subtypes of the nine enneatypes.


I've long considered the spider a kind of totem. I have two tattoos of spiders, one of which is a black widow on my right wrist. I've liked the number eight a lot, for its use in computers (eight bits to a Byte) and for the eight-legged friends I meet. There is a small infestation of black widow spiders where I live now. I've found at least three full grown females and several more juveniles or males (I'm having a hard time distinguishing between them).


It is tempting to eradicate them because of the threat they pose. I won't do that, even as I do relocate them when I can. I mention eight in part because the Enneagram test I took indicates I probably have an eight wing (with a one wing being the other choice - see this for an explanation of the Enneagram and its wings).


The Sufis also show up in my life a lot. I put a Rumi quote on the home page of my Zenphoto blog a while back: I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door. It opens. I've been knocking from the inside.


Apparently there is a Sufi method of eye gazing that is reputed to create shared consciousness. The man who developed the Enneagram, Oscar Ichazo, has some kind of Sufi connection and also practices eye gazing. Brad has his Sufi experiences and stories and teaches the Sufi levels of consciousness in workshops.


Lately, I've been doing a lot of eye-gazing very deliberately without knowing about any of this. It was an exercise on the solstice service at UUBridge. Both of the women I'm dating are receptive to it and one explicitly says so in her online profile. The Landmark Forum I did this weekend included a 60 second eye-gazing exercise too.


This is a work in progress. As elsewhere, I'll probably post future updates as comments to maintain time stamps, since this is about the arrow of time in the end.


I choose to awaken here and now and will keep following the gradient.


Mike Lewinski

Stanley, VA

January 27, 2010