Plankton and People

This is a response to Putting Plankton Before People at Are plankton really being put before people? That sounds like a false dilemma. We probably cannot survive on(...)

Are GMO Crops Causing Disease Epidemics?

This petition circulating among some of my friends on Facebook contains a questionable assertion:   "As early as the 1991, a body of scientific research began to form which(...)

Chemtrails and the Lizard Brain

A conspiracy theory case study The word chemtrail is short for "chemical contrails" and refers to a conspiracy theory that some combination of chemical and biological agents is being(...)

My "Dear John" Letter to Wells Fargo

Dear John Wells Fargo, I don't think we can see each other any more. I've changed as I've grown older, and am not the same person I used to be. You never were a person, but you(...)

My declarations

We are the revolution taking place. We are responsible for the world in every sense – political, social, moral. We are responsible for the planet. We are responsible for the(...)

On civil rights vs public goods

  Lately I've run across many characterizations of 'rights' as inclusive of food, water, shelter, health care, education, etc. For example, see this Declaration of Occupation(...)

The Need for Enemies

  The wise learn many things from their enemies. -Aristophanes    There's something about the shower that is often inspiring. The swirl of water flowing down the drain(...)

Birthday Wishes

  There are two things I want for my 43rd birthday that may not be realistic. The fact that I have to write an essay to explain them doesn't bode well. First, I want to see an end(...)

How Virgin Mobile Turned a Customer into an Enemy

This spring when my Verizon contract expired I ported my number to Google Voice and tried taking calls from Google Talk. After a few weeks I was basically happy with this arrangement(...)

A Libertine Takes Communion With Darkness

My 42nd year here has been epic, and I'd be remiss if I didn't tip my fancy new hat to Douglas Adams. I turned 42 just three days shy of 10/10/10, which is 42 in binary notation. I was(...)