February 16 [album]

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Plankton and People [news]

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This is a response to Putting Plankton Before People at spiked-online.com.

Are plankton really being put before people? That sounds like a false dilemma.

We probably cannot survive on earth without plankton, and there are signs of serious trouble in the oceans. While I don't think that dams are the principle cause of it, they probably don't help plankton on a local scale if these two studies are correct:

River Influences on Shelf Ecosystems: Introduction and synthesis

Yangtze River floods enhance coastal ocean phytoplankton biomass and potential fish production

One study (...)

Are GMO Crops Causing Disease Epidemics? [news]

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This petition circulating among some of my friends on Facebook contains a questionable assertion:


"As early as the 1991, a body of scientific research began to form which now includes articles in over 600 journals. As a whole, these offer scientific evidence that GM foods, hormones, and related pesticides are the root cause for the increase of many serious diseases in the U.S. Since GM foods were introduced, diagnosis of multiple chronic illnesses in the U.S. has skyrocketed. These illnesses include changes in major organs and in hormonal, immune, digestive, and reproductive systems. These modifications to foods and food production may also be contributors to colon, breast, lymphatic, and prostate cancers. "


I (...)

Chemtrails and the Lizard Brain [news]

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A conspiracy theory case study

The word chemtrail is short for "chemical contrails" and refers to a conspiracy theory that some combination of chemical and biological agents is being deliberately sprayed from airplanes, usually over populated areas. I first learned about this threat last summer when a friend told me about her deep fears for her children’s health. She explained that chemtrails could be any number of things, including a secret U.N. plot involving mind control or possibly even population control.

I did a little research and learned more about a wide variety of chemtrail conspiracies that are only loosely related to each other. Google has indexed more than 1.5 million pages that mention the word. One popular version of the conspiracy theory holds that they are (...)

February 9 [album]

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February 9

February 4 [album]

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February 4

February [album]

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February 3 [album]

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February 3

February 2 [album]

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February 2

2012 [album]

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