Oct 262014

Citizens in Colorado and Oregon will soon vote on bills that mandate labeling of GMO foods. These new regulations have numerous legal and philosophical problems and I couldn’t support them. For the benefit of my friends in those states I’ve put this article together to explain the situation as I understand it today. My current home state, Maine, has a mandatory label law passed by the legislature last year, but it will not go into effect until five other surrounding states adopt similar laws.

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Persistent ion train Sept 24, 2014

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Sep 272014

This is one of the nicest persistent ion trains I’ve captured. It lasted until the first light of dawn started washing the stars from the sky.

4:57am - 5:18am on September 24, 2014

The full night timelapse is nearly dusk to dawn and includes a bit of aurora and airglow. This video was compiled from 1,034 still photos taken between 7:51pm Sept 23 – 5:27am Sept 24

Monoculture Revisited

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Aug 052014

Part 1: The Objections

From an ecological perspective monocultures are an abomination. They simply can’t last because the whole of the biosphere is pounding at the door eternally. It’s not just that they’re conceptually flawed and the objections raised are ideological. They flaunt all common sense and invite disaster. Monoculture isn’t just putting all your eggs in one basket, it’s putting all your eggs in a basket on the hood of your car and driving at top speed into a crowd of people.

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