Aug 052014

Part 1: The Objections

From an ecological perspective monocultures are an abomination. They simply can’t last because the whole of the biosphere is pounding at the door eternally. It’s not just that they’re conceptually flawed and the objections raised are ideological. They flaunt all common sense and invite disaster. Monoculture isn’t just putting all your eggs in one basket, it’s putting all your eggs in a basket on the hood of your car and driving at top speed into a crowd of people.

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Aug 022014

Neil deGrasse Tyson recently created a bit of controversy over some remarks he made about genetic modification. In case you haven’t heard his comments, watch here:


This is a typical complaint made in responses posted in social media:

He’s talking about hybridization which is completely different from GMOs.

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Jun 232014

I was traveling when Heather reported the first firefly on June 7. By mid-June they were out in massive numbers and are an ongoing spectacle now.

Fireflies and Star Trails No. 1

18 frames, 25 second long exposures, from my backyard meadow in Milo, Maine from 10:35-10:51pm on June 18, 2014.

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